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Add Search Box

This theme comes with two different search box.


Search One:

Search box one


Add a new page and edit the page with Elementor. Drag the search box element to the page. And you should see the search box output. You can show categories, location or condition dropdown as the search field. Location field required the WPAdverts Maps and Locations addon.

On the element settings, you will see options like the screenshot below.

Search redirect is required for the search. Here you have to set the search result page. If you import our demo you should already have the listing page or you can create a page with [adverts_list] shortcode.




Search two:



One search two, you also have to set the result page ( redirect to ).

Here you can select a few ad categories to show the suggestion below the box.

Note: If you important our demo you may not see the categories, because you have to set your own categories to show.

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